20 Miles Per Hour!

Zip around like a boss! In 3 different handling modes.

20 Miles per charge

That’s measured in real miles with real people in real cities.

Carries two people!

Complete with foot pegs and grab handle!

This low riding, fat tired minibike turns heads no matter where it takes you.

Charge anywhere! Removable battery lets you charge in the bike or by itself. Swap batteries in 5 seconds flat.

Powerful hub motor. On a 9" wide tire. Coupled with high performance brakes.

Freedom to go anywhere

Grass, gravel, sand or road.   Road, bike path or sidewalk.  The fully electric Hardcore Minibike can get you to class, make your commute awesome or quickly pick up some food.   Its quick, convenient- but it Hardcore does it in style and most importantly with a smile on your face.

Powerful in hub motor

In this 9 inch wide fat tired beast lives a powerful fully sealed brushless motor.  What does that mean in English?  Loosely translated – FUN!

Fun that everyone notices

Until you try one of these bad boys – you won’t understand the feeling.  So we highly encourage you to get a demo ride!  The fat tire allows you to carve the road and the stylish wide stance turns heads.  The silence lets you hear the city, the birds and the environment around you.  It’s amazing and we want to show you.

Giant retro headlamp

Why did we go through the trouble of taking a giant retro headlamp and putting a high powered LED lamp inside?  Because we love the look and you need to be seen.   The power is way beyond what it takes for YOU to see where you are going.  What it does is make sure YOU are seen by others.   Being seen is safe!  So flip the big red thumb switch and ride on brotha.

No parking! No problem!

Unlike gas vehicles scooters, mopeds and motorcycles – Hardcore Minibikes are most commonly classified as an electric bike.   Not only does this allow you greater flexibility on where you can ride.  It opens up parking spots that motor vehicles can’t touch!   In almost every case our customers park close to their activities and park for free!  Make sure you to check with your local municipalities as laws to vary from place to place.

Charge anywhere at anytime

Underneath the double seat lies the power plant.  This giant orange box of love is chock full of 20AH of rechargeable battery.  What is 20AH you say.  Well think of it this way.  Thats about 20X the power of your nice rechargeable drill.   Yep.  VROOM.  It will get a normal sized dude in a normal city about 20 miles on a single charge.  What’s even better is that you can swap batteries in 5 seconds flat.  You can also charge the battery in the minibike or outside.  You can park it in the garage and then charge the battery in your condo.  The battery even has a handle to make carrying it easy and it locks into the minibike with a key!  Yeah. So go buy another battery and charger and double your range!

Bad weather, all good

Put your rain jacket on and we’ve got the rest covered…  literally.  The giant fenders and large floorboard protect you from puddles, mud and road grime.  All electronics are underneath the seat and sit high and dry.  So get out there and show the weather, what’s up!

Get yours now!

Starting at $1999 these minibikes are the best deal in electric personal vehicles.

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